Services We Provide

Skyeficorp is a front liner in the art of digital and in-house system. We have stood the test of time with over a million customers with us, We ensure the best use of your digital assets by putting your money to work for you. We are ahead of our competitors any day any time. With over 100 years in the industry, we have stood the test of time. We offer the safest options any financial institution can ever give a customer ranging from Savings Account, Checking Accounts to Investment Account.

Our international fund transfer is the best and most secure you can ever experience. With over 1billion USD in Federal Reserve, we can guarantee the best transaction ever.

Send Money

Our local and international money transfer is the very best you can imagine as we have provided the very best avenue for you to transfer fund across countries in minutes and our fund transfer is instantly.

Receive Money

Now, with Skyeficorp, you can send and receive fund across borders and continents.

Pay Online

With Skyeficorp, you can make payment for all your utility bills using our Credit and Debit cards on any merchant or ecommerce websites and ATMs across the world

What We Do For You

We ensure your money is safe and works for your while you are asleep.

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

Fund transfer is as easy as ABC with Skyeficorp.

Create an account today, and login to your users dashboard to initiate a fund transfer and see the beauty of the safest fund transfer ever.

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Give Your Information to Sender

Your receiver can track fund transfer at any time of the day.

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Instant Access

Upon creating an account on Skyeficorp, you have instant access to your account any day any time.

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Why Choose us

We have many raesons to show you why to choose us. We ensure that your money works for you while you are asleep.

Fast Transfer

Fast Fund Transfer

Low cost

Low cost charges compared to other financial institutions

Trusted and secure

We provide a secure platform void of 3rd party

Complete Solution

We don't leave you hanging as we have positioned to make every penny you save with us count

We Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money

Fastest and most secure way to trasfer money any time any day

Our Mission

To be the best in the world.

Our Vision

To bring digital accounts to the door step of everyone

Our Goal

To ensure your money works for you even when you are sleeping